A Safe Place For Abused And Helpless Children

Holland House

The Holland House was founded in 2005 and aims to support children in need between the ages of 0-18.

The Holland House currently concentrates on the Tsunami stricken Asia-Pacific region with an immediate focus on Thailand.

The Children Aid Foundation Holland House was set up as an independent charity with an official status under Dutch law,
accredited by the Ministry of Finance and registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.

The Holland House concentrates on small-scale local child care, using existing infrastructure and closely interacting with local institutions.
The Holland House activities can be directed towards (abused) street kids, needy children in one-parent families, for example, or full orphans. The emphasis is on supporting families which need temporary assistance until stability has been restored or children have reached the age of 18.

Holland House aims at active involvement in the allocation of funds and organization of supporting activities in order to foster optimal and responsible distribution and usage of the funds raised.  This is a guiding principle for the Governing Board and for our donors, the Childcare Fellows.

On 26 May 2006, following the traditional Buddhist ceremonial inauguration, this “Childcare Holland House” was officially opened by Dr. Supaluck K-Methakul, President of Child Watch Phuket and Mr Paul Voogd, Executive Vice President and founder of Holland House.

The funding of Holland House is based on the support and donations of the Childcare Fellows (private persons and companies in Europe) and active fundraising of the foundation in the business networks of the Childcare Governing Board.